Road trip

IMG_2107This mommin’ thing is not easy at all. Just when I think I may have it sort of, somewhat, almost under “control,” I am quickly reminded that I do not. Tonight my 19 year old daughter packed up her suitcase, a bag full of snacks, and her backpack to head out on a week long trip with some of her girlfriends. Her first trip with no parents. Nine hours away. Driving. Like…driving in a car. On the highway. For nine hours. Let the catastrophizing begin. What if they break down…What if they get lost…What if they are kidnapped and sold as slaves. What if I never see her again…

We loaded up her car and hugged her goodbye and I squeezed her just a little tighter and held on just a little longer than usual. The excitement for this first “no parent” adventure was evident on her face and in her cute grin. What if she makes amazing memories…What if she has the time of her life…What if she grows up just a little more while she’s gone. What if she comes home to me in a week…

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